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  • Ultra tough. Made from high endurance hemp.
  • No tickets from traffic guards. 
  • All vehicles compatible
  • Easy to install, Easy to remove. 
  • Tiny package. 

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50,21 € tax incl.


66,95 € tax incl.

Strap It On With Style. Traveling to far away destinations with your surfboard requires a bit of planning and having the right sustainable gear can ensure that you have an awesome trip.

Wave Tribe Soft Racks include:

  • Solid Buckle Reinforced Straps
  • Hemp Technology
  • Easy-carry Stuff Bag


Don't be caught with your pants down standing in front of your rental without any way to tie your boards safely onto your ride.

Soft Racks allow you to put your boards on top and have room to pick up a date while on your trip. 

Having your board on top is also a safer option, don't obstruct your views and comfort by trying to stick those things inside. 

Built to last (with hemp). 

They are super light weight and come with a carry bag to stuff inside your luggage or Wave Tribe boardbag.  Fits boards on 2 sides of the rack.

Everyone needs a soft-rack, why not make it hemp.