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Ear plugs for surfers

Designed with Breathable and waterproof Sympatex® medical silicone membrane. EQ earplugs will maintains your hearing and balance capacities while protecting you from wind, wáter, cold, pollution and ear pathologies. 


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39,00 € tax incl.

Why do we need to wear Earplugs?

The growing number of outdoor sports participants (surf, ski, bike, swimming, running) in challenging conditions has resulted in an increase of ears’ pathologies in numerous regions of the world.

Exostosis is one of the main pathology. Generates an excessive growth of the bone in the auditory canal, resulting in the loss of hearing and can lead to deafness in the worst cases. In addition, the bone growth allows waste and bacteria to sit in the canal, which in turn increases the case of ear infections.

EQ earplugs will help you prevent from those ears’ pathologies by using an innovative design made of flexible medical silicone, and a breathable Sympatex® membrane, which allows the circulation of air in the ear, and therefore maintaining hearing and balance.


  • Ear Plugs made in Spain
  • 100% waterproof + windproof.
  • 300% elasticity
  • Optimal breathability.
  • Handy carry tube on a key ring
  • Ergonomic applicator for an easy and safe placement of the protection in the ear



  1. Insert the ear plug into the applicator.
  2. Hold the applicator between your fore-finger and thumb.
  3. To make its introduction easier, pull the ear backwards. Press both the ear plug and the applicator between your fingers, holding firmly, and        insert gently into the ear canal. Do not force.
  4. Pull out the applicator and put it back inside the tube.
  • The ear plugs must be worn in a clean and healthy ear
  • Do not use the EQ EARPLUGS at over 3 meters deep