SurfNatur´s Team

We are a group of Professionals, entrepreneurs, lovers of surf and life, and above all aware of the environment.
Tired of feeling that we are in a system in which we can not even dodge the impact we cause to the environment in our daily activity, even doing what we like the most.Surfing. 

We wondered if it could be otherwise.

The good news is the answer is yes. We found out that we can, that we are not alone, and that there are many people eager to do things differently.
So we decided to join this new adventure, because if we can surf in an ecological and sustainable way, we will know that we can do everything in the same way.
SurfNatur´s Philosophy If we want to take the path of ecology, respect for the environment and sustainability we have to apply this philosophy in all areas in which we are involved. Product: The best products, the highest quality, and from suppliers who share our philosophy. Economic: All our accounts and finances will be managed through Triodos Bank, biggest ethical and sustainable bank in Europe. At the same time, all our efforts in economic and business
management are aimed at creating values ​​of business and individual orientation towards the Economy of the Common Good. Social: Social rights are the basis of a sustainable world in coexistence with human beings. We will not tolerate any type of labor exploitation. Environmental: The planet needs our help, and that is why from SurfNatur we want to lead our greatest efforts in this direction. We started by collaborating with "1% for the planet"
foundation, whereby we commit to allocate at least 1% of our profits to environmental conservation actions. But our efforts will go much further ... Transport: As we all know, transport is one of the most polluting phases, for them we have selected Seur and it´s carbon neutral service to make our shipments. We consider that Seur
it is the logistic company more committed to reducing its environmental impact having already included a certain number of zero emissions vehicles for its metropolitan deliveries. Digital: In order to not leave any area forgotten, we have chosen as our IT service provider.
This is just beginning, we hope you like it and if you want to be attentive to our latest news, news, offers, etc ... do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter.